The AbsolutAloe products are made from 100% fresh Aloe Vera pulp from Fuerteventura.
Flaschen Aloe Vera Fuerteventura AbsolutAloe

Aloe Vera Flaschen – AbsolutAloe

The development process is carried out mechanically in a refrigerated environment so that the extracted pulp retains all its characteristics from the beginning to the end of the process.

At AbsolutAloe only organic and natural Aloe Vera is planted and cultivated on our farm in Fuerteventura. Proof of this is the CRAE seal, which is awarded to us annually and confirms that we comply with all the necessary requirements.

Selection of the best leaves

The first step is the selection of the raw material. For the production of our products we only use Aloe Barbadensis Miller plants older than 4 years. The largest leaves are cut off at the base to prevent oxidation of the fruit flesh, so we manage to maintain all the properties until the production of our products Organic Aloe Vera Gel 98% and Organic Aloe Vera Juice 99%.

We wash the Aloe Vera leaves

After collecting Aloe Vera leaves on the plantation, the first step after reaching the factory is washing the leaves to remove any dirt and also to disinfect the leaves.

We cut the aloe vera leaves

After washing the leaves, the base, the tip and the lateral edges are cut off to facilitate the removal of the aloin contained and to prepare the leaf for the removal of the flesh of the fruit.

The removal of the flesh of the fruit

Once the base, tip and set edges have been removed, the leaves are passed through a press to extract the largest possible amount of pulp.

Crushing the pulp/ pulp

After the extraction of the pulp, and without interrupting the cold chain, it is passed through a crusher to dissolve the starch and cellulose fibres contained therein.

Filtration of the fruit flesh

After grinding the raw aloe vera paste, the filtering process of the cellulose fibres, starch and bark residues begins. In this way we obtain what the cosmetics industry calls “Food Grade 1X”: 100% aloe vera juice.

Storage before bottling

The raw Aloe Vera raw is automatically transferred to cooled tanks to prevent the degradation of vitamins (by light and heat) and the multiplication of microorganisms. In this way we maintain the cold chain until the product is bottled.

Filling of the gel Aloe Vera and the Aloe Vera Juice

During this final bottling process we add the natural preservatives necessary to keep Organic Aloe Vera Gel pure and Organic Aloe Vera Saft pure under optimal conditions.

All Bio Aloe Vera products are checked and analysed by an official laboratory before being offered for sale in order to guarantee the highest level of quality.

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