Liginas and Saponins Aloe Vera


The influence liginas skin hydration and saponins has antiseptic and antibiotic power.

Aloe vera contains liginas and saponins that provide the body with the necessary glucosides, offering his cleansing, soothing, antiseptic and easy to penetrate the tissue quality.

With our Organic Aloe Vera Gel 98% and Organic Aloe Vera Extract 99% can bring to your body a charge of liginas and saponins completely natural way thanks to the AbsolutAloe products are made only with Aloe Vera Fuerteventura Ecological certified CRAE .

List of Liginas and Saponins


  • Ligina: Noted for to penetrate tissues associated carrying other elements, improving absorption by the human body these
  • Saponin: glycosides that provide their cleaning and antiseptic quality, while acting as softening agents.
  • Aloína: Taken pure is a powerful purgative. It also has painkilling action
  • Isobarbaloina, barbaloina, anthracene, and aloetic Antranol acid: resins are bactericidal
  • Aloe emodin and emodin: Effective for certain types of infections
  • Cinnamic acid ester: Properties to decompose dead tissue
  • Essential oils: Qualities anesthetic and analgesic
  • Resistanoles: Properties Bactericidas
  • Chrysophanic acid: It has been successful in the treatment of psoriasis
  • Cinnamic acid: fungicide properties


Organic Farming Aloe Vera Fuerteventura

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Why AbsolutAloe?

  • Made with Organic Aloe Vera
  • Cultivated in Fuerteventura
  • Certified Organic Farming
  • Plants 4 years old
  • Perfume Free
  • Chemical Free
  • Parabens Free
CRAE - Consejo Regulador Agricultura Ecológica de Canarias