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Organic Argan Oil 50ml

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  • 100% Organic Argan Oil, cold-pressed, raw, vegan
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Pure argan oil naturally contains vitamin E, omega 6, antioxidants, essential fatty acids and plant substances. The “liquid gold” from Morocco is therefore a perfect companion for daily beauty care, a natural moisturizer for skin, hair and nails and supports them in the natural healing process.

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Organic Argan Oil naturally contains a large amount of vitamin E, omega 6, antioxidants, essential fatty acids and plant substances. Its special composition makes argan oil an excellent product for skin, hair and nail care.

Application Areas

  • Facial and body care, even for sensitive skin
  • Brittle and brittle nails
  • Dry, drained hair and brittle ends
  • Dry lips

Skin Application

  • Face: Apply argan oil to clean, slightly moist skin on face with hands and massage with circular movements. Argan oil should be used for daily facial care in the morning and evening. Argan oil is also an excellent ingredient for facial masks.
  • Skin: for the body the application after showering or bathing is ideal. Apply directly to slightly damp skin and massage in circular motions.

Hair and Scalp Application

  • Argan oil as a hair mask: Apply a few drops of argan oil in the palm of the hand and massage the scalp and hair well. Wrap the hair in a towel and leave it on for at least 30 minutes. Then wash the oil. For a more intensive effect, the oil can also be applied overnight. Use once a week.
  • Argan oil as conditioner: After each hair wash, use argan oil sparingly as a classic hair conditioner and rinse thoroughly after a short exposure time.
  • Argan oil for hair ends: If the ends are brittle, the oil can also be moderately massaged into the hair ends. Depending on the needs, massage daily or several times a week on the affected areas and use as a leave-in conditioner after half an hour.
  • Argan oil for scaly and dry scalp: Massage the argan oil into the scalp and let it take effect after at least 30 minutes and rinse well. For a more intensive effect, let the argan oil work overnight and rinse well the next morning.

Nail Application

Massage a drop of argan oil by nail on the nail and the edges and let it act for at least one hour without washing your hands. The argan oil does not have to be rinsed.  For an intensive cure, let the argan oil work overnight with cotton gloves.


Store in a cool place and protect from direct sunlight.

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