History of Aloe Vera


The Aloe vera is s one of the oldest healing plants known by mankind, thanks to their amazing properties and benefits for human health.

It seams that the aloe vera, succulent plant from the Liliaceae family, like the onion and garlic it’s originally from Mesopotamia. The oldest historical reference has been found in a clay tablets from the Sumerian period.

Historia Aloe Vera - Papiro Ebers
Historia Aloe Vera – Papiro Ebers

The next track has brought us to the Egyptian culture, paintings, the famous “Ebers Papyrus” or the legend of the “Ugly” (Recent British studies …) and famous Queen Cleopatra was also a devotee of aloe vera for its beauty treatment.

The historical event, the conquest of the island of Socotra by the Great Alexander Macedonian, to stock up aloe vera to heal the wounds of his soldiers.

Discoredes “Greek” The man whose name became famous in history, thanks to his knowledge of medicine and botany, he also left the reference to the properties of aloe vera in his treatises.

In this age to which the Mediterranean was called “Mare Nostrun”. we can not wonder that the properties of aloe vera, also were known in the Iberian Peninsula.

It is not known very well if Christopher Columbus was the introducer of aloe vera in America, imported from the Canary Islands, or already existed in America before its discovery by the Spaniards.

What is safer and tested was the influence that the Jesuits exercised in the extension of knowledge, use and cultivation of aloe vera in the South Central area of North America.

Although the people of the areas where the aloe vera grows never have forgotten their properties and have continued to use. History has been forgotten due no doubt to two main reasons.

First the aloína substance of deep yellow color, strong odor and unpleasant taste, which has always protected the aloe vera from external aggression.

And secondly the difficulty science has always been to stabilize and agree on the active ingredient. That makes it the aloe vera the queen of medicinal plants.

Thanks to the research effort developed in North America, more than fifty years ago. Today we know a little more of the properties of aloe vera , and how we can stabilize the pulp, thus to enjoy in our house all the benefits that nature provides.

Faithful to this commitment AbsolutAloe offers a natural product result of organic farming and cold processing to ensure the highest quality of our product.

As you may have read, the history of aloe vera is very extensive and has been an important plant in different parts of the planet earth.



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