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The idea of planting aloe vera on Fuerteventura Island began in the moment of purchasing the land,  an old farm in the valley of Tarajalejo, protected by the hills of Caracol and Cardon.

At the other time this farm was dedicated to the cultivation of tomato, the pond water was observed, the pipe coming out of the shed brought water from the well water 35 meters deep (excavated by hand) down to the pond. The shed housed the machinery.

The wheels moved with large belts connected to a diesel engine. The movement rotate the shaft, putting into work the connecting rods and the water out into the pond. Ancient motor function was carried out by windmills.

One of the first work done, was the ground preparation, mowing, cleaning and plowing. Taking advantage of a line of European aid for the incorporation of young people into farming. Designed the property in the old pond, trying to integrate it into the environment of the planned plantation.

The new water tank rises five meters over the old one and that make better use of the terrain. The water tank supported on its exterior by solar panels and wind turbine, clean energy for natural project.

Here are the offices, warehouse for irrigation materials, workshop, service and plenty of space to work with aloe vera plants in the best condition. When closer, more fresh.

My father is the great nature enthusiast. His holidays were dedicated to cultivate the aloe vera plant on Fuerteventura. His strong support has been essential that this project is moving forward.

Mi Padre

Yo (Lorenzo Vicente) y mi Padre

Once you have planted the aloe vera plant, It’s necesary to cover the land with gravel, volcanic ash that collects water from dew at night and then it is drained to the ground by the daytime.

The strong evaporation which causes the wind and sun on the island should be avoided. To achieve this goal, It’s necessary to cover with volcanic gravel over 100 square meters of area.

The plantation of organic aloe vera is divided into different irrigation sectors to optimize water consumption I have used the drip. This system allows me to bring irrigation to the needs of plant growth.

The fertilizer used by AbsolutAloe has excellent quality and organic origin.

Here, there are the responsible for the production of our fertilizer. Although Fuerteventura goats are better known for their milk form which is produced delicious cheese.



Organic Farming Aloe Vera Fuerteventura

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Why AbsolutAloe?

  • Made with Organic Aloe Vera
  • Cultivated in Fuerteventura
  • Certified Organic Farming
  • Plants 4 years old
  • Perfume Free
  • Chemical Free
  • Parabens Free
CRAE - Consejo Regulador Agricultura Ecológica de Canarias